Urban Legends

There are many legends of strange and unusual creatures from all over the globe. Here area few that we particularly like.

Chupacabra, El Chupacabras, the Goatsucker
A two legged upright "creature" that preys on goats and other farm animals. The Chupacabra is noted for draining an animal's blood from two small circular or triangular shaped holes near the base of the neck. It is often described as having glowing red eyes and being about four feet tall. El Chupacabra was first sighted in early 1995 in Puerto Rico. There have now been sightings reported in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Florida, California, and Texas. Instances of chupacabra have been associated with UFO sightings.

The Mothman story began with a strange being sighted in the area of Point Pleasant, West Virginia from November 15th 1966 to December 15th 1967. The Mothman was described as being about 7 feet tall with large wings with which he could fly. The creature had and enormous glowing red eyes. The only sound the mothman made was a piercing shrill cry. No one was ever harmed by the mothman, but the creature may have eaten a pet dog. The mothman generally made contact with people while they were in their cars or by looking into the windows of their homes.

Ozark Howler
The Ozark Howler is a large "cat-like" creature sighted in the general area of the Ozark Mountains. The Ozark Howler is also known as the Black Howler or Howler. The animal is said to be an extremely large, heavy set black cat. The howler produces an eerie "howl", hence the name. Occasionally the animal is reported to have horns or glowing eyes.

Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yeti
Sasquatch, Bigfoot and Yeti are manlike or apelike creatures reported to inhabit the Northwestern United States, Western Canada and Himalayan Mountains. They are usually said to be six feet tall or taller. They have large feet, about 20 inches long, hence the name "Bigfoot". Sasquatch are covered with dark brown or reddish brown fur while Yeti are known to be covered in white or light tan fur. They are generally said to have an extremely musty or pungent aroma. Sasquatch are commonly said to travel in pairs.

Sasquatch activity is concentrated in North America. Sasquatch have been reported in all fifty of the United States and all Canadian Provinces. Sightings are mostly concentrated in British Columbia (Canada), Washington State, Oregon, and California. Florida and Pennsylvania are also Sasquatch hotspots. In Florida the Sasquatch are commonly referred to as the "Skunk Ape" - referring to the creature's aroma.

Film footage, photographs, and casts of footprints do exist. Skeptics insist these are hoaxes. In 1967 Roger Patterson took film footage of a large hairy creature reported to be a Sasquatch. If legitimate this is clearly the most extraordinary crypto zoological evidence yet. However, it may only be Roger's tall associate Jerry Romney in a fur suit.

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